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A Stocked Freezer

A few weeks ago, our chest freezer was pretty barren.  We had ample veggies that I had blanched and frozen from our CSA box during the summer, but we were seriously lacking in the meat department.  I usually opt to eat vegetarian rather than buy conventionally raised meat.  When we’re out of meat, beans and eggs are our major sources of protein until more meat comes in.  We buy pinto beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, and navy beans in bulk.  There are so many different types of recipes you can make with beans.  You can still manage a healthy diet with a variety of options on the menu.  I like meat, but I naturally lean a little towards vegetarian.  My kids really aren’t big meat lovers either.  They usually pick it out of whatever we’re eating.  But my husband?  Bring on the meat!!

First, there was a sale at Costco on organic chicken.  Then, our pork came in.  Delicious, locally grown pork.  And yesterday… we picked up our locally grown beef.  It looks so good.  I may have actually drooled over the T-bones and ribeyes.  So many cuts, so many options.  It’s like a grocery store meat aisle in my chest freezer.  I love it.  And so does my husband.  He didn’t need words to say, “SWEEET!!! No more beans!”  His face said it all!

Diffusing Road Rage

On the way home from picking up our CSA box, we were stuck in construction traffic.  The lanes were constantly changing so you had to be alert.  The person driving to my left, kept playing pacman with my lane, instead of staying in his lane or speeding up and changing into my lane ahead of me.  I was getting frustrated with him, and barked, “Pick A Lane, Buddy!”  From the backseat, I heard my two year old say, “Be Careful guys, Be Careful.”

Good idea, Trent.  Thanks for the reminder.  :)





The Ever Shifting Nap Schedule

If there’s anything I’ve learned from having two boys that are twenty months apart, it’s the ability to be flexible with our day.  Our schedule is constantly shifting.  Sean turned 11 months yesterday.  Trent is 31 months.  It seems like as soon as we get used to one routine, something happens and we establish a new routine for a few months of a new normal, and then it changes again.

Let me give you an window into the last 11 months.  When Sean was first born, he didn’t sleep much at all.  Trent napped in the afternoons.  Eventually,  Sean settled in to taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap.  Around this time, Trent and I started doing “tot school” a few days a week.  This usually happened during Sean’s morning nap.  After a few months, another change up.  Almost simultaneously, Sean gave up his morning nap and Trent gave up his afternoon nap.

We’ve tried to do “tot school” together in the mornings, but I think it’ll work better to do it in the afternoons while Sean is sleeping.  It’ll give Trent something to look forward to because it’ll be the only time paints, playdoh, etc. come out.  Sean puts absolutely everything in his mouth so it’ll keep him from digesting too many art supplies.  😉  This will probably be our new norm, until Sean seems ready for crafts and coloring, and then we’ll change it up again!







Gone Fishin’

We have a sand and water table.  The boys love it.  We also have an almost one year old that puts everything in his mouth, especially sand.  So, it become a sand and water table without sand.  Then, fall arrived and the weather is too cold for water play.  So now we have a sand and water table without sand or water.  Boring, right?  I was trying to figure out what I could do with it so that the boys would still get some use out of it through the winter months.  I thought of the old Sunday School game where you went fishing with paper clips and magnets.  It was on my to do list to make when I found this set at Ross.  It was a clearance buy so it was cheaper to buy than for me to take the time to make it.  Trent has been fishing daily since I bought it.  It’s comical.  I’m not a big fan of real life fishing, but this set is almost real life.  The magnets stick to the nails on our porch floor.  So, you get “caught on the bottom,” the line gets tangled, and it’s “catch and release!”

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Under the Weather

TJ caught some kind of fever bug, so he’s been having a low key couch day today.  Hopefully, he’ll be feeling better soon.

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There are a few funny things about this picture.  Lately, the dogs have been staying just outside of Trent’s reach.  Trent has been attempting to lift them up lately.  The dogs much prefer their feet on the ground, so they’ve been staying just out of TJ’s reach.  I guess they can sense that Trent’s not his normal, rambunctious self today because when I went to grab the camera, both dogs were laying in Trent’s lap.  (Duke jumped down to follow me around the house.)  The other ironic thing is the Little Person that Trent is holding.  Most moms can probably attest to the one toy that seems to find its way under your feet more often than not.  This particular little farmer has caused me to bite my tongue more than once when my foot lands on it unexpectedly.  Anyway, while Trent was having his Veggie Tales/Thomas/Bob the Builder marathon this morning, Sean and I were playing with the Little People Car Ramp.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find all the Little People to go in the cars.  I looked all over for that silly farmer.  Then, as I readied to take Trent’s picture, I realized where he was hiding.

Meanwhile, another certain little boy likes to charge the camera every time I take it out.  I was able to get some cute pictures as Sean came at me!

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Pinterest Finds

I love Pinterest.  It’s so much fun to see other people’s ideas and be able to organize my own finds.  Due to motivation from pictures on Pinterest, I’ve been on an organization kick.  Ask my husband, all our closets are getting cleaned out and reorganized (but that’s another post.)  I also love finding recipes on Pinterest.  I made a sour cream chicken recipe this week.  I am not usually a baked chicken fan, but it was good.   Another site Pinterest led me to is 100 days of Real Food.  I haven’t had time to read too much on their site, but from what I have read, it looks like we share the same view on food.  You may remember that we’ve been grinding our own wheat for a while now.  One of her blog posts explains the nutritional depletion from refined flour in a pretty little graph.  You can see it here.  All sorts of random finds on Pinterest this week.  Happy Pinning!

Best Buds

The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose.  ~Garrison Keillor

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The boys play together all day long.  Of course they fight here and there, but for the most part, they really enjoy playing together.  Today, they were building train tracks.  Their personalities shine through when they interact.  Trent usually has a plan in his head of what he wants to do.  Sean generally follows along.  Trent gets frustrated when Sean messes up what he has been working on.  Sean is the loyal friend and is usually happy as can be just hanging out with his brother.

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They converse, tackle, tickle, wrestle, hug…  I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when Sean catches up in size!