Pinterest Finds

I love Pinterest.  It’s so much fun to see other people’s ideas and be able to organize my own finds.  Due to motivation from pictures on Pinterest, I’ve been on an organization kick.  Ask my husband, all our closets are getting cleaned out and reorganized (but that’s another post.)  I also love finding recipes on Pinterest.  I made a sour cream chicken recipe this week.  I am not usually a baked chicken fan, but it was good.   Another site Pinterest led me to is 100 days of Real Food.  I haven’t had time to read too much on their site, but from what I have read, it looks like we share the same view on food.  You may remember that we’ve been grinding our own wheat for a while now.  One of her blog posts explains the nutritional depletion from refined flour in a pretty little graph.  You can see it here.  All sorts of random finds on Pinterest this week.  Happy Pinning!

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