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Cloth Diaper Change of Mind

When we first started using cloth diapers, we bought a bunch of Bum Genius One-Size pocket diapers.  They worked great for Trent.  Then we had two in diapers…

Before we had Sean, I made a bunch of pocket diapers for Trent.  His size does not change as quickly anymore so they were made to fit his size and weight. They were not adjustable like the Bum Genius diapers.  The plan was that Sean would use the adjustable Bum Genius diapers since his size would change more frequently.

When Sean was a newborn, the Bum Genius diapers were too big.  During that time, I made a few newborn sized all-in-one diapers.  I loved them!  They fit great and I no longer had to pull inserts out of the diapers.  Hallelujah!  If you’ve ever attempted to pull a tight insert out of a poopy diaper, you know how gross this can be!  It’s not so bad on the newborn diapers, but on two year old diapers, Oh My!

As Sean got older, the Bum Genius diapers started to wear out.  They had been used just about every day for over two years so I would still recommend them.  When it came time to make more diapers for Sean, I went with making medium sized all-in-ones.  Yes, the drying time is longer, but the convenience trumps the drying time in my book.  Plus, for extra nighttime absorbency, I just lay a pocket diaper insert inside the diaper.  Absorbent and STILL no yanking inserts out of a messy diaper.  Works for me!

I’ve learned with cloth diapers that you just have to try a few and see what works best.  I’ve never done the fitted with covers route.  It may work well too, but Sean hates being on his back.  Trying to change his diaper is like wrestling an octopus.  He wiggles and squirms like crazy!  Trent is just about out of diapers.  He only wears them when he sleeps.  I’m not going to throw the large sized pocket diapers out, so I’m sure Sean will use those when he’s big enough to fit in them, unless I get extra motivated and make another whole set of all-in-one diapers.


Two in Cloth Diapers

You may remember this post, when I wrote about how we purchased a bunch of BumGenius One Size Diapers before we had Trent. After replacing the velcro with snaps, they held up great. When we found out we were pregnant with another baby, we had to figure out what to do with the diaper situation again. We initially purchased enough diapers for one baby, but not enough for two. The BumGenius diapers are expensive so I opted to make the diapers this time around. I found an easy pattern and got busy sewing. I made Trent large size pocket diapers. He has been in the same size diaper for a while and I don’t see him growing out of it very soon. On the other hand, Sean will be growing rapidly for a while so he’s better off in the adjustable diapers. So now we have two stacks. Trent’s (on the left) are the homemade diapers and Sean’s (on the right) are the BumGenius diapers. Aside from changing more diapers (which I’d be doing regardless of whether Sean wears disposables or cloth), it really hasn’t been a big adjustment. I still like using cloth diapers on my kiddos. :)

Sewing for Baby!

This weekend, I finally had time to sew! We hit some great fabric sales on Saturday and Jesse had finished up the kitchen (pictures to come). He declared Dadurday and I got some free time to sew away!
First Up:

New Romper for TJ
TJ is a sweaty mess in the summer. The heat never goes away and this is about as lightweight as we can do without letting him run around his diaper all the time (which may happen on occasion). Most of the time, he wears homemade rompers, just like this one. I was experimenting with decorating the pocket on this one. I have looked and looked for other boy patterns and they are SO limited! Most of them look exactly like the one I already use. So I’ve taken to adding pockets and pictures instead, just to spice it up a bit.
Next Up:

Sleepsack for Newbie
As of now, the baby in my belly is still unnamed. So for now, let’s call him Newbie. I know that Newbie will have his share of hand me downs since he has an older brother. But when I was at the fabric store this weekend, they were having a sale on patterns. I saw one with all sorts of layette stuff and just had to buy it. Trent slept in these a lot when he was a baby and with only five snaps, it won’t be too torturous for Jesse during middle of the night diaper changes!
And my personal favorite:

My first homemade diaper!
I am most excited about getting the chance to make this diaper this weekend. The kids will be 20 months apart. I’m willing to bet that TJ will probably not be potty trained by the time the second one arrives. So, we will probably have two in diapers. We bought a bunch of bumgenius one size diapers before we had Trent. Have I mentioned how much I love them? You may remember me changing them from velcro to snaps here. They grow WITH the child, so you don’t have to have a bunch of different diaper sizes. Anyway, this time around, I wanted to try and make my own diapers. Bumgenius diapers are $18 a piece. We have a bunch of fabric stores in town and I kept thinking that it couldn’t be that hard to do. Isn’t it cute?! And the best part, it cost me a fraction of the cost of a Bumgenius! TJ tried it on and it fit him well. We’ll also be able to adjust it for Newbie.

Extending the Life of Cloth Diapers

We use Bum Genius One Size diapers at our house. I love them. They have adjustable snaps so you can use the same diapers from about 7lbs all the way up to about 35lbs. It alleviates having to have multiple stacks of diapers in different sizes. They are also SUPER easy to use because they basically go on like a disposable diaper. Plus, after a year of use – they still look great,except for the velcro. Yep, after a year of non stop use and daily washing, the velcro has abandoned its function. So, we had to either repair the diapers or buy new ones. While we have saved bunches of money by using these diapers (the initial cost was made up in about three months), these diapers are not cheap to replace. Each diaper costs about $18. So we opted to fix them. You can actually buy the snaps that match the diapers (100 snaps for $3). So after ripping out all the velcro and adding snaps, our old velcro diapers now look like this:

Ta Da!
The tutorial can be found here